Sen. Rand Paul blasts Obama, CIA and NSA on metadata collection effort // SEE VIDEO

Rand Paul on FOX In a recent TV interview broadcast on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a potential presidential aspirant, took aim at President Obama, the CIA and the NSA for what the senator believes are arrogant and intrusive actions that threaten the civil liberties of American citizens.

Senator Paul questioned why President Obama says he needs congressional approval to “roll back” the NSA’s metadata collection program, when in fact the president did not need congressional approval to set up that surveillance program in the first place.

Paul also accused NSA officials of being arrogant when they testified in front of Congress that they thought they could get away with the undisclosed metadata program, or were at least will to try.

Here is a video of Senator Rand Paul’s Fox News interview, which was broadcast on March 25, 2014: