SandboxAQ unveils AQNav

After development and testing with leading government and private sector partners, on June 25, SandboxAQ announced AQNav, a breakthrough technology designed for navigation across air, land and sea when Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems are jammed or not available. To date, AQNav has logged more than 200 flight-hours and more than 40 sorties across multiple regions of the world on four different aircraft types, ranging in size from single-engine planes to large military transport aircraft.

AQNav is a geo-magnetic navigation system that leverages proprietary AI algorithms, powerful quantum sensors, and the Earth’s crustal magnetic field. AQNav will provide an unjammable, all-weather, terrain-agnostic, real-time navigation solution in situations where GPS signals are unavailable, denied, or spoofed.

“As a licensed jet pilot with many hours of flight time, I appreciate how much we rely on GPS for navigation. Our national defense relies upon GPS in the air, on land, and at sea. The global civilian airspace relies upon this system. Given the ease of jamming and spoofing GPS, it is critical to have a global supplementary navigation system that works with inertial systems – this is what SandboxAQ has developed with AQNav,” said Eric Schmidt, chairman of SandboxAQ and former chairman and CEO of Alphabet. “AQNav is a great example of how AI is impacting society in novel ways. Navigation by the Earth’s magnetic field is possible because of the ability of AI to analyze the magnetic signals from the quantum sensors in real time. Airlines and air forces around the world now have a safe way to navigate that cannot be jammed.”

Beyond disrupting transportation and logistics, GPS interference also impacts a broad range of industries, including agriculture, financial services, and public infrastructure and safety systems, such as environmental monitoring, utilities and roadway management, and disaster response.

“GPS is a ubiquitous tool that billions of people rely on every day for their comfort, safety, security and prosperity. The intentional disruption of this transformational technology by nation-states and others puts human lives at risk and impacts governments and economies,” said Jack Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ. “Working closely with our public- and private-sector partners, SandboxAQ has used AI and quantum tech to create a safe, secure navigation alternative to supplement GPS, and we’re proud to make our breakthrough AQNav system widely available to companies and governments around the world.”

Source: SandboxAQ

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