SAIC partners with Aras

On March 5, Andover, MA-based Aras announced a strategic partnership with leading technology integrator Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) that includes integration of Aras Innovator as the digital thread backbone for its digital engineering solution, ReadyOne.

ReadyOne is SAIC’s rapidly deployable digital engineering ecosystem, which offers customers an end-to-end digital thread for consistent, traceable, and complete engineering solutions. By using Aras’ product lifecycle management (PLM) technology as its foundation, the solution creates a single-source-of-truth for users, letting them access any and all needed information, at any point in the engineering process, all from a common platform. With ReadyOne, collaboration and transparency are increased, while risks and costs are decreased.

“Organizations in critical industries such as defense and intelligence need access to modern, powerful solutions to solve their information age problems. Expensive, cumbersome industrial age solutions should be left behind,” said Roque Martin, CEO, Aras. “The combination of our digital thread backbone with SAIC’s digital engineering know-how and years of experience make it easy for customers to meet even the most stringent requirements of the defense sector while still improving efficiency and cost.”

ReadyOne creates a new level of responsiveness, impact, and quality for engineers – and Aras Innovator is the PLM platform that provides the foundation. By bringing an organization’s technical data, engineering tools, and management processes together into one common environment, collaboration increases without there being any worries that critical information is being lost along the way. The ReadyOne environment is independent of infrastructure, enabling it to support all types of customers, and either cloud-to-cloud or on-premise delivery.

“Data is the common thread connecting all of today’s most important innovations,” added Chris Finlay, vice president of innovation at SAIC. “As organizations at all levels continue to grapple with digital transformation initiatives, the availability of real-time, accurate data throughout the engineering process will enable better informed decision making – and result in faster, more effective results. Tools may come and go, but data is the key to success.”

Source: Aras

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