Robert Storch confirmed as NSA IG

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, announced on December 22 the Senate confirmation of the president’s nomination of Robert Storch as the inspector general (IG) for the National Security Agency. Upon the president’s signature, Storch will become the first presidentially-appointed IG for NSA.

“We look forward to welcoming Mr. Storch at NSA. His extensive experience at the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General makes him an excellent choice to be NSA’s IG. His nomination and confirmation underline our commitment to lawfulness, transparency and the protection of legitimate whistleblowers,” noted Admiral Rogers.

The NSA Office of Inspector General (OIG) works independently within the agency to assess the agency’s activities. In doing so, NSA OIG helps ensure the NSA abides by law, regulation, and policy; treats its employees and affiliates fairly; and uses public resources wisely. NSA OIG’s authority promotes accountability, and assists in detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.

Prior to joining NSA, Storch served in several positions at the Department of Justice’s OIG, including as senior counsel to the IG and acting deputy IG prior to his 2015 appointment as deputy IG. He also served as chairman of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency Whistleblower Ombudsman Working Group. The Whistleblower Ombudsperson program he helped establish is widely seen as a leader in the field.

Earlier in his career, Storch also worked as a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of New York, most recently serving as the deputy criminal chief and counsel to the U.S. Attorney. He was also posted overseas for two years as a Department of Justice resident legal advisor in Ukraine.

Storch is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University and earned his J.D. from Columbia Law School.

Source: NSA