Redwire expands AI investment to enhance SDA

On May 29, Jacksonville, FL-based Redwire Corporation announced that it is expanding investment in the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy by funding research projects through a newly formed coalition focusing on the use of AI in space operations.

Redwire is one of the two founding corporate sponsors of The Center for AEroSpace Autonomy Research (CAESAR) at Stanford University. CAESAR is a new collaboration between industry, academia, and government that seeks to advance autonomous reasoning in space vehicles through AI, machine learning, and other disciplines. Redwire looks to leverage the coalition to augment its AI investments in machine learning, computer vision, and other techniques to develop the ability to autonomously detect, characterize, and navigate around known and unknown objects in space.

“The outcomes of AI and space operations research will be tremendously valuable to our technology roadmap and advance our products, including space domain awareness capabilities for a range of customers,” said Al Tadros, Redwire chief technology officer. “AI-enhanced capabilities could be transformative for in-space servicing, GNC and RPO autonomy, and a range of complex mission requirements that Redwire is supporting for current and future missions.”

Redwire is looking to apply AI across its technology portfolio, including modeling and simulation, robotics technology, satellite servicing, intelligent vision systems, and in future work on power management and avionics.

Source: Redwire

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