Redhorse partners with Yurts

On February 21, Arlington, VA-based Redhorse announced a new partnership with Yurts, a pioneer in secure generative artificial intelligence solutions.

As federal agencies face increasing demands for modernization and efficiency, the need to deploy AI solutions with tangible impact has never been greater. Yurts, known for its comprehensive generative AI platform, excels at modernizing knowledge-driven enterprise workflows, ensuring operational efficiency, flexibility, and uncompromised privacy – essential features for federal applications.

Redhorse has been at the forefront of DoD AI adoption, supporting important efforts such as Project Maven, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), and the DoD Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) from day one. Redhorse’s ability to understand the mission problem, identify use cases, rapidly prototype solutions and integrate them into mission-critical applications, combined with Yurts turnkey platform, gives federal customers a proven pathway to harnessing generative AI in support of their mission.

“Partnering with Yurts aligns perfectly with our values and mission to provide cutting-edge, secure technology solutions,” said Matt Teschke, CTO of Redhorse. “Yurts’ expertise in deploying solutions for classified use cases accelerates adoption of this transformative technology across our customers while adhering to their stringent security standards.” Through this partnership, Redhorse and Yurts together will bring this revolutionary technology to our industry and our customers, enhancing the mission to support and elevate workflow efficiency.

Redhorse is excited to develop mission-focused capabilities atop the Yurts platform, showcasing the innovative strengths and versatility of both companies in addressing complex challenges for the government.

“Yurts is excited to partner with Redhorse and deliver mission outcomes for the federal government,” stated Ben Van Roo, co-founder and CEO of Yurts. “From critical missions to the modernization of legacy technologies, we believe generative AI will advance federal government in its journey towards technological empowerment and enhanced decision-making.”

Source: Redhorse

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