Rebellion Defense joins the GSA Schedule

Rebellion Defense announced on March 26 that it was awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

Rebellion Defense underwent rigorous vetting, from technical assessments to past performance validation, culminating in a remarkable achievement for a four-year-old start-up. “Exceptional” performance reviews and close collaboration with the government contributed to the rapid approval, the company said.

“As a defense-first company, we prioritize hiring exceptional individuals with deep federal expertise,” said Ben FitzGerald, chief executive officer at Rebellion Defense. “Our team has the know-how to overcome acquisition challenges and operate with urgency. In a world where our adversaries aren’t constrained by red tape, we’re moving fast to equip service members with the best tech today.”

Rebellion’s GSA MAS contract empowers government organizations to turn the administration’s recent executive order on artificial intelligence into actionable outcomes by facilitating the acquisition of AI products and services “faster, more cheaply, and more effectively through more rapid and efficient contracting.”

“The GSA is working tirelessly to help agencies get fast and efficient access to emerging technologies from innovative small businesses,” said Karen Dacres, chief legal officer at Rebellion Defense. “Their dedication and focus exemplify our shared commitment to excellence and to strengthening our nation’s competitive edge swiftly and efficiently.”

Source: Rebellion Defense

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