Raytheon unveils SureView® cybersecurity product portfolio

Raytheon 2 112Raytheon Company of Waltham, MA announced on April 21 a new suite of solutions that can change the way companies address cybersecurity by helping enterprises operate effectively in the face of sophisticated cyber threats. The SureView® product suite uniquely combines human and machine learning to prevent insider threats, reduce the amount of time an external threat remains in an organization’s network, and provide actionable intelligence that helps eliminate future attacks.

“Raytheon has nearly two decades of experience defending the most sophisticated, national security networks from cyber threats,” said Dave Wajsgras, President of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. “Today’s launch reflects our firm belief the time has come for commercial customers to have the same caliber of protection that helps our traditional customers remain resilient in the cyber domain.”

“The SureView portfolio evolved through a combination of capabilities Raytheon acquired and unique technologies developed in-house to protect its traditional customer set and the company’s own systems and data,” stated Ed Hammersla, president of Raytheon Cyber Products. “By delivering proven technologies that scale to meet the most demanding requirements, Raytheon’sSureView products bridge the gap between defense-grade and enterprise cybersecurity.”

The SureView product suite is built on the premise that establishing an impenetrable perimeter is impossible and organizations must be prepared to operate effectively through and emerge from cybersecurity breaches. The products within the SureView suite were developed to operate independently or can be easily integrated to provide a full spectrum of enterprise security.

“Raytheon has focused its SureView product portfolio on addressing cybersecurity prevention, detection, and response while many other vendors concentrate on prevention alone,” stated Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Raytheon’s approach is based on the assumption that sooner or later everyone will experience a breach, so large organizations should do what they can to protect their environment while taking equal measures to ensure enterprise visibility and reduce the time an attacker remains in their networks.”

Raytheon’s SureView product portfolio delivers end-to-end visibility across the enterprise that surpasses traditional dashboards and security alerts, enabling analysts to make decisions and take action. This broad spectrum of integrated solutions addresses a complex set of cybersecurity challenges, such as protecting against insider threats and advanced threats; verifying the integrity of system memory; and  applying an analytics platform to enable contextual awareness and cyber intelligence for real-time remediation.  Products within the SureView portfolio include:

  • SureView Insider Threat provides unprecedented visibility, rich data content and contextual awareness of user activity.
  • SureView Threat Protection detects zero-day attacks, including advanced persistent threats, via an open platform covering web, email and endpoints.
  • SureView Analytics enables rapid search and analysis of disparate databases, without requiring data reformatting, to find and deliver visualizations of hidden relationships, patterns, and anomalies.
  • SureView Memory Integrity provides visibility into Linux environments to detect presence of malware in memory that may have penetrated all other defenses.

Raytheon Cyber Products and Enterprise Strategy Group recently collaborated on a report that discusses the current cybersecurity landscape. To view the report, visit here.

Source: Raytheon Company