Raytheon I&S unveils new AESA radar

On September 21, Arlington, VA-based Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, introduced an affordable, lightweight and compact Active Electronically Scanned Array, or AESA, radar. It harnesses the capability of a heavyweight AESA fire control radar in its lightest form factor ever – at a fraction of the cost.

“Our compact AESA radar offers advanced capability in an innovative design that gives our customers more radar options,” said Eric Ditmars, vice president, Secure Sensor Solutions, Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “We’ve developed an affordable, lightweight, compact radar that can be optimized for platforms in air, on sea and land, without sacrificing capability.”

At just over 100 pounds, the new compact radar is a third of the weight of most modern AESA radars and costs about half as much as typical fire control radars. It combines the power of Gallium Nitride, or GaN, technology with an innovative packaging of its digital receiver/exciter and processor called CHIRP, and a unique air-cooled design to deliver Gen 4-plus performance.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space AESA radars have combat-proven reliability with more than 1 million flight hours. Their open architecture design allows for rapid upgrades while keeping operational and maintenance costs low. The first operational AESA radar was developed by the former Raytheon Company for the F-15C Eagle with the first systems in the air by December 2000.

The compact AESA radar system was developed by a cross-Raytheon Technologies team based in Tucson, Arizona, and El Segundo, California.

Source: Raytheon I&S

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