Raytheon I&S releases FORGE 9.0

On February 8, Arlington, VA-based Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, announced that it has released version 9.0 of the Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution, or FORGE, Mission Data Processing Application Framework.

Release 9.0 of the government-owned framework continues to evolve existing features such as scalability, visualization, cybersecurity hardening, and integration for the Overhead Persistent Infrared Battlespace Awareness Center, or OBAC, and Next Generation Interim Operations.

“The FORGE framework provides a modular and extensible ground system that, together with mission applications, is used to process, exploit and disseminate mission data that is downlinked from satellites,” said Sandy Brown, vice president, Strategic Systems, Space & C2 Systems, Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “The program is proving itself to be a pathfinder to demonstrate novel uses of infrared data, demonstrating the benefits of rapid-enterprise integration.”

A new version of FORGE MDPAF is released every four months, supported by digital engineering processes, such as Agile, DevSecOps and model-based system engineering to develop the system with cost, schedule, and performance efficiencies.

FORGE MDPAF will process OPIR satellite data from both the U.S. Space Force’s evolving space-based infrared system constellation and the future Next Gen OPIR constellation. Currently, the FORGE MDPAF framework is being used by mission partners to build and integrate new applications.

“Already deployed into three government labs, the FORGE framework is being deployed to the OBAC and the backup mission control station in 2022 prior to deployment to the primary mission control station in 2023,” said Brown.

Source: Raytheon Intelligence & Space

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