‘Predictive Analytics For Dummies’ book released by Alteryx

Predictive AnalyticsAlteryx, Inc., a provider of data blending and advanced analytics, announced on Feb. 10 the release of Predictive Analytics For Dummies, a new book that explains how data analysts and business users can utilize predictive analytics to glean more insights from their data.

Now available in print and eBook formats, the Alteryx-authored book is the newest addition to the “For Dummies” reference series published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and is available for free at Alteryx.com.

“We’ve seen a tidal wave of interest from companies that want to adopt predictive analytics more broadly in order to glean deeper business insights in hours, not weeks,” said Rick Schultz, senior vice president of marketing at Alteryx. “But in many cases, the primary obstacle is finding people who know how to perform predictive analysis.”

“Many data analysts are starting to adopt predictive analytics knowledge in order to overcome that obstacle,” Schultz continued. “Our new book, Predictive Analytics For Dummies, not only accelerates that learning process, but also helps business users better understand predictive analytics and how to use them to create actionable insight and competitive advantage.”

According to Alteryx, readers of Predictive Analytics for Dummies will learn how to:

  • Understand predictive analytics and why it is a game-changer;
  • Choose the right tools for analyzing data;
  • Maximize the value predictive analytics brings to business;
  • Gain competitive advantage by using predictive analytics to make smarter decisions.

Predictive analytics provides decision makers and analysts with the capability to make more accurate predictions about future events based on complex statistical algorithms applied to relevant data. By predicting behaviors — such as what customers are likely to purchase, who is likely to respond to sales events, and which insurance claims are fraudulent — predictive analytics imparts real business value to the companies that know how to effectively use the technology.

Alteryx has made it easier to perform predictive analysis by including drag-and-drop R-based predictive tools in its Analytics platform and intuitive workflow.

The new book, Predictive Analytics For Dummies is immediately available in print or electronically. To download a free copy of the eBook, compliments of Alteryx, click here.