Polaris Alpha awarded $96M in U.S. Air Force task orders

Polaris Alpha of Colorado Springs, CO announced on March 5 that it has recently been awarded $96 million in U.S. Air Force task orders.  The contracts involve work in a number of areas, including software development, maintenance and enhancement for Command, Control, Intelligence and Surveillance, and Reconnaissance operations. 


The task orders will further expand work that Polaris Alpha has been doing for several years for more than 100 Air Force projects in dozens of user communities around the world.  The advanced software development framework that Polaris Alpha has built and maintained analyzes large amounts of intelligence and provides data fusion services across the network. 


“We’ve been privileged to provide this national security enterprise support for the Air Force for over 15 years,” said Kevin Moffatt, executive vice president, Polaris Alpha. “These new task orders enable us to continue that support and bring mission proven solutions to several new military customers, helping ensure the US and our Coalition partners have the most effective warfighting tools available.”


The task orders are supporting projects that range from advanced research and development of machine learning and complex event processing, to the creation and deployment of state of the art command and control applications, to cross-community intelligence reporting and analysis tools.

Source: Polaris Alpha