PFP Cybersecurity announces DARPA award for Leveraging the Analog Domain

PFP cyber 112PFP Cybersecurity, based in Vienna, VA, announced on July 22 that it has been awarded a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract for Leveraging the Analog Domain for Security (LADS) program to study advanced solutions that provide a new category of threat intelligence and detection to identify today’s most sophisticated IoT and embedded system cybersecurity attacks.

“PFP is excited to be part of DARPA’s LADS program,” said CTO Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez. “We’re thrilled to be a part of ensuring the country’s cyber protection. This program will add significant enhancements to our detection technology to secure IoT devices.”

In some instances, a physical side channel can be used to assess the execution status in a connected device’s processor or digital circuit using an external monitor to detect, with extreme accuracy, when an unauthorized action has disrupted the normal operation of any system (e.g., a computer system). The increase in connectivity, consumer behavior and enterprise security is vital to the safety of anything and anyone connected to the internet. PFP’s solution protects against cyber-attacks that threaten any IoT connected devices including the power grid, cars, cell phones, tablets and various other smart devices.

PFP enables a SaaS solution for brand protection for Fortune 1000 companies. The PFP IoT platform for trust, based on patented analytics for power – the lowest common denominator, is proven to detect supply chain, configuration and continuous attacks. The PFP analytics could provide alarms in machine time to an enterprise system such as SOC with strong confidence. It could also be used for forensic to provide clarity which does not exist today.

Source: PFP Cybersecurity