Parsons reports $200M in new OTA awards

Centreville, VA-based Parsons Corporation announced November 16 that it has eclipsed more than $200 million in other transaction awards (OTAs) from the U.S. Department of Defense in 2020, and more than $450 million since 2018. The company’s OTA acceleration is aligned to its rapid growth strategy, agile research and development approach, and innovative technology investments.

“As a leading defense technology company, we’re focused on quickly delivering the most advanced operational capabilities that help protect our warfighter against future threats,” said Carey Smith, president and chief operating officer of Parsons. “Our company’s agility and scalability, combined with an innovative R&D and acquisition approach, align perfectly with the Department of Defense’s requirement to field disruptive mission-ready capabilities quickly.”

Parsons is focused on leading, next-generation technology development for the nation’s warfighters across the all-domain battlespace. The awards focus on hypersonic weapons; artificial intelligence and machine learning; improved fire control systems; radars; sensor systems; knowledge-as-a-service; threat simulators; directed energy; C5ISR; full-spectrum cyber; and joint all-domain command and control (JADC2).

Source: Parsons