PacStar, SelectTech Geospatial and R4 Integration partner on tactical comms

On October 20, Portland, OR-based PacStar, Springfield, OH-based SelectTech Geospatial LLC, and Fort Walton Beach, FL-based R4 Integration, Inc. announced a collaboration to integrate PacStar rugged networking components into the SelectTech C-130 TRASC system to provide roll-on/roll-off hatch-mount and permanent shoulder-mount X/Ku/Ka-band communications to the warfighter. As a result, military and commercial organizations with tactical and en-route communications needs can access secure networks over SATCOM in airborne use cases. The integrated solution is available immediately.

Peggy Miller, CEO of PacStar, said, “As defensive postures evolve from more stationary environments to the need to support warfighters moving from position to position, PacStar has proven its ability to deliver networking-on-the-move packaged into rugged small form factors to handle a wide variety of terrain. We are thrilled to collaborate with SelectTech/R4 Integration, Inc. to extend networking-on-the-move to airborne environments.”

Organizations are challenged to meet high-bandwidth requirements on aerial platforms that support beyond line-of-sight capabilities. The combination of PacStar 400-Series tactical, ruggedized modules with the SelectTech/R4 Integration C-130 TRASC system delivers access to Ku and Ka-band SATCOM on military aircraft. The integrated solution unlocks SATCOM-on-the-Move for SOF (special operations forces) components and other military and government organizations, while enhancing situational awareness through faster data to warfighters utilizing the newest technologies.

The C-130 TRASC capability delivers command and control, situational awareness, ISR (intel, surveillance, reconnaissance), VIP communications, and other highly desired information sources in support of ever-increasing needs such as Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). As a turn-key offering, it includes Cisco®-based PacStar 444 gigabit switching and PacStar 447 gigabit routing, integrated with dual SATCOM modems and UPS, in a composite transit case that can access a number of Ku and Ka-band networks.

Scott Sullivan, president and CEO of SelectTech, said, “This integration effort demonstrates the companies’ commitment to providing dependable and critical communications capabilities for tactical missions where bandwidth is key to success. SelectTech has supported the warfighter with SATCOM on the C-130 airframe for years and continues to expand and integrate new technologies. PacStar small form factor, modular COTS-based modules allow SelectTech to ruggedize our C-130 TRASC kit for airborne SATCOM while providing a configuration that will be familiar for users across air and land applications.”

John Parsley, president of R4 Integration, Inc., said, “Working closely with the industry’s leading technology solution providers and side-by-side with the warfighter, R4 has quickly developed and fielded airborne networking solutions that have met and exceeded customer expectations. This close communication and working relationship with all key stakeholders has allowed us to perform rapid product improvements, such as the PacStar 400-Series tactical, ruggedized modules that increase the warfighters’ networking-on-the-move capability and demonstrate a proven, battle ready solution.”

Source: PacStar