Owl Computing Technologies announces three new cross domain cybersecurity capabilities

OwlOwl Computing Technologies, Inc., based in Ridgefield, CT, announced on March 30 that it has three new cross domain solutions ready for demonstration. Cross Domain solutions represent the most stringent cybersecurity solutions for the DoD and Intelligence community. Owl has been providing cross domain capabilities since 1998 and currently supports all branches of the U.S. military. These three new solutions expand on Owl’s existing broad offering.

All three solutions operate on Owl’s single box SFF (Small Form Factor) platform. Steve Staubly, Director of Product Development at Owl noted, “The SFF is a powerful 1U solution with greatly reduced SWAP (size, weight and power) requirements. Comparable systems may require up to 13 servers to provide the same capabilities, significantly increasing the footprint of those systems.”

These three new capabilities (file, event messaging and NFS transfers) are all based on Owl products that are already UCDSMO (Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office) validated and Baseline listed. Using products already listed on the UCDSMO Baseline is extremely important to Cross Domain users as it allows them to significantly simplify the accreditation process and deploy very quickly.

Based on Owl’s OCDS-FT01 validated product, the OCDS-FT15 is Owl’s first 1U accredited solution for file transfer spanning multiple security levels and is an UCDSMO candidate. The Baseline validated Owl OCDS-ST06, used for streaming data, now uses a more flexible UDP structure for secure transfer of event messages like Syslog and SNMP. And the Owl Multi-level Data Retrieval Service (MDRS), which provides a seamless NFS proxy service across a dual-path transfer platform, is also now available on the 1U platform.

“These three new functions are an example of our on-going effort to continually expand the capabilities of our accredited solutions product line,” said Dr. Ronald Mraz, President and CEO of Owl. “Owl takes real pride in how long we have been protecting the networks of the U.S. military on so many different fronts.”

Source: Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.