OSIsoft and Carahsoft team to expand efficiency, data analysis and sensor integration across government

osisoftOSIsoft, LLC and Carahsoft Technology Corp. announced on September 14 that OSIsoft’s PI System is now available under Carahsoft’s GSA Schedule 70 and SEWP V contracts. The companies have joined forces to identify ways OSIsoft’s PI System, one of the world’s most widely used software technologies for capturing and integrating sensor-based operational data, can support government agencies in meeting their missions.

“We’ve entered into an information age where organizations are turning to data to solve everyday problems,” said vice president for U.S. federal and public sector at OSIsoft, Steven Sarnecki. “In many cases, the best insights are found when combining data from multiple disparate systems. Unfortunately, too often agencies aren’t fully leveraging their data’s potential because the tools are not in place to integrate and analyze data from those disparate systems. The PI System helps government agencies connect those systems to create a full, cohesive picture of their operations.”

The PI System is currently deployed at over 19,000 sites worldwide. Many government organizations already rely on the PI System for supporting cybersecurity operations, monitoring asset health, situational awareness, security, energy efficiency and more. Today, the PI System can be found in some of the federal government’s most visible and advanced assets, programs and facilities such as the Littoral Combat Ship, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cyber Center of Excellence.

“Our new partnership with Carahsoft and their reseller partners will make it even easier for federal, state and local agencies to leverage the power of data and improve government operations at a scalable and cost-effective level,” Sarnecki said. “Together we are confident we can provide the public sector with the cost savings, efficiency gains and mission success for which OSIsoft is already known for in the private sector.”

“Carahsoft and our reseller partners are committed to expanding OSIsoft’s reach within the public sector through proactive sales and marketing,” said Michael Shrader, Vice President of Emerging Solutions at Carahsoft. “Our team understands the value of OSIsoft’s operational intelligence technology on agencies’ data centers, allowing them to lower energy usage and costs, increase the resiliency and lifecycle of critical assets, and improve operational performance.”

Source: OSIsoft, LLC Federal