Orbis Technologies wins redaction and exploitation releasability (REnDER) contract

Orbis Technologies, Inc. of Annapolis, MD announced on May 10 that it was awarded a multimillion dollar production contract with the Department of Defense for its Redaction and Exploitation Releasability (REnDER) Tool. REnDER enables the U.S. military to efficiently and effectively share multi-source intelligence information with coalition partners. The contract provides support for the integration of the REnDER software into the client environment for the purpose of providing GEOINT work products to partner nations.

The Redaction and Exploitation Releasability (REnDER) Tool is a one-of-a-kind software application designed to automate the content redaction and product release workflow processes. The software enables users to automatically redact content based on defined rules and procedures. The software significantly improves the user’s productivity through the automation of both the processes and product generation. REnDER also significantly improves the accuracy of the redaction process and reducing security risks through automating and facilitating review of the source artifacts and releasable products.

Brian Ippolito, Orbis’ president and CEO, said of the award, “REnDER is our latest Enterprise Content Management software product focused on the mission of redacting content for sharing with third parties. The production contract award is the result of a competitive process where our product was decided to be the best value and most effective product in the market.”

Source: Orbis Technologies