ONR announces new research program, funding opportunity

This announcement describes a research thrust entitled “Advancing Artificial Intelligence for the Naval Domain” to be launched under the Fiscal Year (FY) 18 Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology, N00014-18-S-B001, which can be found at https://www.onr.navy.mil/en/ContractsGrants/Funding-Opportunities/Broad-Agency-Announcements

The research opportunity described in this announcement falls under the following sections of the BAA: Appendix 1 “Program Description,”

  • Section I entitled “Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare & Combating Terrorism (Code 30); specific thrusts and focused research area:
  • Paragraph E. “ONR 30 Decision Support, AI, Machine Learning and Graph Analysis Program,” Technology Investment area  3, entitled “Modeling/ Machine Learning/ /Artificial Intelligence”
  • Section II entitled “Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) (Code 31); specific thrusts and focused research areas:
  • Paragraph A. Mathematics, Computers and Information Sciences, Specific scientific and technical areas entitled “Computational Methods for Decision Making” and “Machine Learning, Reasoning, and Intelligence
  • Section V “Warfighter Performance (Code 34)”:
  • Paragraph A entitled “Human and Bioengineered Systems”, Specific thrusts and focused research: “Perception, metacognition and cognitive control” and “Representing and reasoning about uncertainty”
  • Section VI entitled “Naval Air Warfare and Weapons (Code 35)”; specific thrusts and focused research areas:
  • Paragraph 5. “Intelligent autonomy for safe, reliable, and scalable control of heterogeneous unmanned air systems based on high-level mission tasking”.
  • Paragraph 6. “Science of Autonomy”; clauses “b. Autonomous learning, reasoning, and decision-making in unstructured, dynamic and uncertain environments. c. Human interaction/collaboration including understanding intent and actions of human team members, adversaries, and bystanders. d. Organic perception/understanding to support decision-making, reasoning, and actions in a complex, dynamic world.”

ONR is interested in receiving white papers and proposals in support of advancing artificial intelligence for future naval applications.  Work under this program will consist of basic research, and it will be funded under Budget Activity 1 (as defined in DoD Financial Management Regulation Vol. 2B, Ch. 5). The overall S&T effort is envisioned to be conducted at the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1-3 stage.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps