OGSystems announces strategic partnership with Planet

og-systemsOGSystems (OGS) of Chantilly, VA announced on September 26 that they will partner with Planet in the development of BlueGlass™ – OGSystems’ easily accessible location-based intelligence platform.

“OGSystems’ vision for BlueGlass™ was born out of our internal research and development labs,” said Omar Balkissoon, CEO and co-founder of OGSystems. “Through our Immersive Engineering™ practice, we identified a need to disrupt traditional analytic processes, sift through the overwhelming flood of data, and develop a service to provide GEOINT derived answers to analysts, operators and decision makers. Planet is changing the game as their imaging frequency gets closer and closer to daily cadence. This disruptive approach makes them an ideal first partner for OGSystems’ BlueGlass™ platform.”

“We are excited to have Planet as the first partner for the development of OGSystems’ BlueGlass™,” said John Goolgasian, OGS associate partner in charge of GEOINT Analytics.  “Planet’s synoptic coverage of the Earth will be the perfect analytic source and canvas for the fusion of location-based IoT data and analytics. They will assist us to provide our customers with the most up to date information to help them understand their world.”

The OGSystems BlueGlass™ platform combines commercial remote sensing, big data, and cognitive analytics to deliver real-time insights through situational awareness, anomaly alerting, and reporting of activities that could pose risk to the operations of its users.

“New data streams like Planet’s global, frequent satellite imagery empower new analysis methods. With a growing archive like Planet’s available on the OGSystems BlueGlass™ platform, analysts can monitor ongoing events, and develop new ways to detect and analyze change on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis,” said Scott Brunton, Planet’s director of US government sales.

Source: OGSystems