Office of Naval Research posts RFI for EMC2 LowRIDR concept

ONROn December 18, the Office of Naval Research posted a request for information for Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Command & Control (EMC2) Low-band Radio Frequency Intelligent Distribution Resource (LowRIDR) (N00014-16-R-RFI4 ). Comments on the RFI are due no later than February 18, 2016 at 2PM Eastern Local Time.

This announcement constitutes a Request for Information (RFI) for the purpose of conducting market research for the Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Command and Control (EMC2) Low-band RF Intelligent Distribution Resource (LowRIDR) concept.  The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is soliciting feedback on the LowRIDR concept; draft requirements; related technology; recommendations/considerations for LowRIDR Advanced Development Model (ADM) subsystems; and information on the availability of critical technologies and/or components that might support a LowRIDR solution. The LowRIDR concept was developed under the Integrated Topside (InTop) Innovative Naval Prototype (INP); the development, integration, test and demonstration of the ADM subsystems will be accomplished under the Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Command and Control (EMC2) INP.

This information may be used by the Government to refine requirements for the development and acquisition of one or more LowRIDR ADM Band subsystems/units.

ONR established the InTop INP to develop and demonstrate common Radio Frequency (RF) apertures and supporting subsystems capable of performing multiple functions to support multiple warfare areas.  The Navy wants to increase Fleet warfighting capability while reducing the number of single function RF systems required on Navy ships and submarines.

ONR’s EMC2 INP is building upon the work that was done under InTop to develop additional multifunction capabilities as well as the Command and Control (C2) to enable those capabilities to work together as a system of systems.  As such, EMC2 will develop hardware and software intensive systems that provide the capability to monitor the RF spectrum across a wide range of frequencies and reallocate functions to the best frequencies and resources to respond to changes in the electromagnetic environment and warfighter requirements.

The objectives of the EMC LowRIDR System are to reduce the number of dedicated antennas utilized for Communications (Comms) and Information Operations (IO) in the HF thru C-band regions of the spectrum; to expand and incorporate traditional Electronic Warfare (EW) functionality into these lower bands; to incorporate Open Architecture (OA) principles and a Modular Open System Approach (MOSA); and to permit flexibility in the allocation, management, and optimum use of the various LowRIDR assets and associated spectrum.  LowRIDR is focused on specific RF capabilities:

Communications (Comms) (including Link-16, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), and Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)), Information Operations (IO), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Real-Time Spectrum Operations (RTSO).

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps