ODNI seeks industry partners for In-STeP program

On May 22, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence posted a request for information for the Intelligence, Science, and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) program. Responses are due by July 26.

To facilitate broader engagement, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is expanding the scope of one of its longstanding activities, the Intelligence, Science, and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) 1-on-1 Meeting Series, to include presentations on innovative capabilities that also address the ODNI’s IC-wide Strategic Initiatives:

Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines: Increased insight, knowledge, and speed through Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Augmentation.

Right, Trusted, Agile Workforce: A trusted workforce with the right expertise that moves easily within the IC and to/from the private sector

Acquisition Agility: Flexible, risk-managed delivery of innovative capabilities, data, and expertise at mission pace.

Modern Data Management and Infrastructure: IC data discoverable, accessible and usable, through secure, modernized systems and standards.

Private Sector Partnerships: Effective leveraging of the collective capabilities, data, expertise, and insights of the private sector.

Comprehensive Cyber Posture: A nation more secure from cyber threats and the U.S. positioned for strategic and tactical surprise.

If your company or organization is working on technology, research, or an idea that advances the state of the art with respect to the Strategic Initiatives, especially the specific topics listed below, the ODNI wants to hear from you.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps