ODNI releases IC IT roadmap

On May 30, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released its inaugural vision for the IC Information Environment: An Information Technology Roadmap.

The roadmap provides technological foresight to guide the Intelligence Community (IC) to make transformative decisions about the cloud environment, cybersecurity, advanced computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence among an array of other information technology (IT) issues. More than 100 technical leaders across the IC developed the roadmap’s recommendations, and all 18 intelligence elements unanimously endorsed this vision.

“The roadmap presents a unified vision for investments the IC must make to continue to provide the United States with unmatched decision advantage at a time of unprecedented technological change,” said IC Chief Information Officer Dr. Adele Merritt. “Adversaries are not standing still and neither are we. The time is now for strategic and substantial investment in the core IT infrastructure of the IC.”

ODNI will update this roadmap annually using a collaborative process with IC stakeholders and outside experts to position the IC to evolve with technological changes and stay ahead of threats.

Read the roadmap here.

Source: ODNI

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