ODNI marks 10 years of intelligence integration

ODNI seal 112On April 22, 2005 the Office of the Director of National Intelligence began full operations, fostering over the course of the ensuing decade, an integrated IC that provides the most complete and insightful intelligence possible to our national leaders, policy makers and military. Through our leadership efforts, we have demonstrated the value of integration to the wider community and can take pride in a number of successful achievements and innovations.

Over the years, ODNI has remained true to our mission of leading intelligence integration by working with our partners to enhance the entire IC enterprise. Through our vision we built a solid foundation quickly with Intelligence Community directives that clearly define responsibilities, produced a national intelligence strategy to enable prioritized support and capabilities for mission objectives, implemented policies to prohibit discriminatory practices and promote inclusion, and created a joint duty program to facilitate collaboration across the IC. As a team, we enhanced integration by establishing the IC Wounded Warriors program, enabling service members who made significant contributions on the battlefield to bring their unique experiences and perspectives to work for the IC.

Our successes are a direct reflection of the exceptional workforce of cadre, detailees, assignees, contractors, and all the partners across the IC who remain dedicated to keeping our people and our allies safe. The world saw the impact of our efforts to integrate intelligence with the take down of Osama bin Laden, when chemical weapons were successfully removed from Syria, and with the identification of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shootdown.

We then met a cultural demand to be more transparent about the use of our intelligence authorities by releasing thousands of pages of declassified documents and official statements to the public through “IC on the Record” on Tumblr. Today, the Intelligence Community Information Technology Environment (IC ITE) is transforming the way our community operates, securely breaking down barriers to enable timely, tailored and actionable intelligence.  And moving forward, we will depend heavily on the IC agencies with cyber expertise to combat the most critical cyber challenges in the stand-up of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center.

Our actions in the IC are often second-guessed and our successes rarely publicized, but today, we celebrate the expertise, diversity and strength that each of the IC components brings to tackle the unprecedented array of threats to our nation.  What we’ve accomplished together at ODNI over the past decade has made a tremendously positive impact on our nation.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper said, “I’m confident the next 10 years of integrated work will be even more successful as we continue to tap into the resources of our whole community and keep our nation’s leaders informed. I want to thank the dedicated men and women of the Intelligence Community, who helped build the foundation and grow capabilities needed to meet the national security mission.”

Source: ODNI