NSA releases Cybersecurity Year in Review

Last year marked the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate’s first full year since its establishment, and on January 8, NSA released the 2020 NSA Cybersecurity Year in Review. This document details how NSA worked to prevent and eradicate cyber threats to the nation’s most sensitive systems and critical infrastructure. NSA’s cybersecurity mission integrated threat intelligence, vulnerability analysis, cryptographic knowledge, defense operations and diverse technical expertise to secure the nation.

In a statement, NSA detailed the following accomplishments in 2020:

  • “Contributed to the whole-of-government approach securing the 2020 election by sharing insights on adversary cyber actors and activates, particularly regarding indicators of intent to interfere.
  • Supported Operation Warp Speed by providing cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity assessments, and foundational cybersecurity guidance.
  • Provided 30 unique, timely and actionable cybersecurity products since the directorate’s standup, working with our partners across the U.S. Government and Five Eyes partners to share relevant information to secure our customer’s networks.
  • Supported the DoD’s transition to telework, releasing written products and providing Commercial Solutions for Classified Capability packages to enable approximately 100,000 users to telework securely.
  • Strengthened public-private partnerships through our Cybersecurity Collaboration Center and Center for Cybersecurity Standards.
  • Communicated directly with the cybersecurity community through our Twitter account, @NSAcyber.”

Source: NSA