NSA launches “Unfetter” cyber tool

Cyber threats are real, growing, and among the biggest security challenges that public and private institutions face.

The internet and connected systems are interwoven into our daily lives – and our economy would not function without them. At the same time, such dependency introduces new and evolving cyber threats, placing networks at risk.

In this environment, knowing how to take advantage of cyber threat intelligence to help protect systems is critical. But all too often, such information is complex and difficult to use.

What if a suite of tools could offer these critical research insights to anyone, positioning decision-makers in various industries to incorporate network-protection techniques?

NSA developed such a solution with “Unfetter,” which is designed for collaborative communities, the agency announced April 20.

It brings together network defenders and threat analysts to create, share, and use complex cyber threat intelligence to enhance decision-making.


Unfetter creates a common lexicon to describe the intelligence for users’ consumption. It also includes an Analytic Exchange app that helps threat analysts publish and share analytics, encouraging collaboration.

Its Capability Assessment app helps network defenders assess security capabilities, critical controls, and analytics from the Exchange.

Additionally, Unfetter’s Threat Dashboard app helps threat intelligence analysts build detailed reports about threat actors’ behavior, attackers’ techniques, and the tools used. Threat intelligence teams can then track and share these reports with their customers.

Test it for yourself. The software can be downloaded and customized: www.unfetter.io.

Source: NSA