NSA and partners release ICS/SCADA device advisory

On April 13, the Department of Energy (DOE), along with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), issued a joint cybersecurity advisory, “APT Cyber Tools Targeting ICS/SCADA Devices,” to warn that certain advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have the capability to gain full system access to multiple industrial control system/supervisory control and data acquisition (ICS/SCADA) devices.

This advisory provides detection and mitigations recommendations for all critical infrastructure organizations to detect potential malicious APT activity. By leveraging custom-made tools for targeted ICS/SCADA devices, APT actors can control affected devices and maintain full system access, potentially lead to a disruption of critical devices or functions.

ICS/SCADA devices that are at risk of exploitation include certain:

  • Schneider Electric MODICON and MODICON Nano programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Omron Sysmac NJ and NX PLCs
  • Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) servers

Read the full report here.

Source: NSA

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