NRO welcomes new deputy director

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) formally announced Brig. Gen. Christopher Povak as the new NRO deputy director and commander of the Space Force Element. Povak assumed command in a ceremony September 9, officiated by Lt. Gen. Philip Garrant, U.S. Space Force deputy chief of space operations, strategy, plans, programs, and requirements.

“We’re honored to welcome back Space Force Brigadier General Povak to the NRO team,” said NRO Director Dr. Chris Scolese. “His three decades of leadership and career experience in satellite operations, engineering, and acquisitions—including commanding space operations units—will be crucial in our ongoing efforts to bolster innovation and maintain America’s intelligence advantage in space.”

As the NRO deputy director, Povak will help manage NRO’s strategic and tactical operations. As the Space Force Element commander, he will lead the Air Force and Space Force personnel assigned to NRO, manage associated service resources, and serve as the senior advisor to the NRO director on all military matters.

Povak previously served as the deputy director of the Space Warfighting Analysis Center (SWAC) in Washington, D.C. The SWAC conducts analysis, modeling, wargaming, and experimentation to create operational concepts and force design guidance for Space Force missions.

Source: NRO

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