Novetta secures US Army CAMO contract

McLean, VA-based Novetta announced May 13 that it was awarded an agreement under the SOSSEC Consortium’s Other Transactional Authority (OTA) Cyberspace Operations Broad Responsive Agreement (COBRA) vehicle for the Cloud Account Management Optimization (CAMO) effort with the U.S. Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA).

Based on a request for a solution to reinvent their cloud management processes, the Army selected Novetta’s strategic, innovative sourcing solution for an enterprise consumption model of commercial cloud offerings. The solution will allow the Army to consolidate existing cloud spend and standardize how the Army buys cloud. The effort will eliminate inaccurate estimates, inefficient provisioning, and excess spending as the Army moves quickly toward an estimated $1 billion in cloud expenditures by 2025.

Novetta’s tech-enabled services solution combines two capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind, cloud infrastructure and governance product. “By combining our Automated Cloud Management and Provisioning framework with CloudTracker, our solution will improve the Army’s adoption and optimization of cloud computing while providing transparency around cloud spend,” said Kevin Heald, Novetta senior vice president, Information Exploitation.

“Our solution for the CAMO effort will disrupt the traditional account management lifecycle – and revolutionize cloud account acquisition and management for the entire Army enterprise. It will deliver best-of-breed automated provisioning, management, budgeting, finance, and control processes for 360-degree visibility for the Army’s cloud footprint,” said Justin Shirk, Novetta vice president, Asymmetric Analytics.

Initially created to provide foundational data management and cloud migration, the Enterprise Cloud Management Office was elevated in March of 2021 to a Field Operating Agency under the Army’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). This change represents the Army’s commitment to centralized acceleration to the cloud and adopting new digital technologies to implement the Army’s Digital Modernization Strategy.

“Novetta has a proven track record of delivering enterprise cloud solutions in highly regulated environments,” said Paul Puckett III, Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Agency. “More importantly, they understand that Army modernization within a resource constrained environment requires us to drive the greatest amount of efficiency in how we consume cloud services,” he continued. “We’re looking forward to implementing Novetta’s solution to drive value from the infrastructure, enhance speed, and transform our processes to improve mission effectiveness.”

Source: Novetta