Northrop Grumman partners with Deepwave Digital

Falls Church, VA-based Northrop Grumman Corporation announced on December 15 that it is set to begin collaborating and investing in Philadelphia, PA-based Deepwave Digital, to support research, development and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This partnership will improve communications processing power for key, next-generation capabilities for customers.

“We’re evolving the way we think and the way we work, to use emerging commercial technologies to provide our warfighters the most advanced capabilities more quickly,” said Chris Daughters, vice president of research, technology and engineering, Aeronautics Systems, Northrop Grumman. “Our partnership with Deepwave Digital combined with our advanced autonomy expertise will enhance the agility, speed and affordability our customers expect.”

Deepwave Digital’s framework allows radio frequency (RF) engineers to incorporate AI into their communications, spectrum monitoring, navigation and other RF systems using machine learning to provide quicker answers on large amounts of data being analyzed.

Northrop Grumman began working with Deepwave Digital when the company participated in a recent technology scouting event. Northrop Grumman plans to continue seeking out discriminating technologies by forging creative partnerships.

Source: Northrop Grumman