NGA’s Arctic DEM project highlights new elevation models

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s ArcticDEM project, a public-private initiative to produce high-resolution, high-quality digital elevation models (DEMs) of the Arctic, released the largest addition of new elevation models to the project on February 14.

The ArcticDEM project is a continued collaboration between NGA, the Polar Geospatial Center, and Esri to produce high resolution elevation models to support scientific and national security implications in the ArcticAccording to Esri, a global leader in spatial analytics, ArcticDEM can meet the need for high-quality elevation data in remote locations and provide accurate measurement of topographic change.

New elevation models on the public online portal display surface detail from mainland Canada and Russia. In many locations, the models are created from images collected on multiple dates, allowing anyone to see how the landscape changes over time.

“The release includes a much broader area of the Arctic geography than ever before, comprising more populated areas that will see a substantive benefit from access to this kind of detailed location data,” said Don Kerr, NGA’s chief of news and information.

Source: NGA