NGA wants advanced digital firearms simulators at both of its main campuses

firearms simulatorThe National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) wants to enhance the security of its employees and visitors by procuring an advanced digital firearms simulator, which can replace its former system and can be operated at both its East Campus in Springfield, VA, and its West Campus in St. Louis, MO.

“We require a system that has both marksmanship skills training and scenario based shoot/don’t shoot decision making scenarios for patrol officers, tactical teams, hostage situations and active shooter,” explains a sources sought notice issued by the NGA’s office of protective services on March 31.

System requirements include:

  • A large library of realistic digital scenarios for patrol and homeland security;
  • Multiple marksmanship training scenarios (eg., bull’s-eye, silhouette targets, moving targets, and shoot/don’t shoot rotating targets);
  • The ability to use the office of protective services’ laser-equipped firearms.

Prospective vendors are asked to respond the NGA by April 21.

Further information is available from Robin Downey, a contracting officer, at 314-676-0205 or