NGA seeking sources for new BIG BAA topic

On March 15, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency updated its Boosting Innovative GEOINT Broad Agency Announcement (HM0476-16-BAA-0001) to reflect its fourth priority. White papers are due by 11:59am ET on April 12.

This Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) solicits offers for the award of contracts under the Boosting Innovative GEOINT (BIG) for inventive, actionable ideas and proposals that will enhance GEOINT and welcomes all innovative ideas for path-breaking research and innovative techniques that may advance the GEOINT mission.  This requires new ways of doing business in order to meet unexpected and emergent requirements of the dynamic world we live in and anticipate tomorrow’s unknown challenges.  Specifically, NGA is seeking ideas and techniques that makes the biggest change and promotes moving the Agency forward on different path in lieu of improving the current path we are pursuing. This BAA is published in accordance with FAR Part 35.016 and 6.102(d) (2). A formal Request for Proposal (RFP), solicitation or additional information regarding this announcement will not be issued.

NGA is moving to an environment in which the use of diverse data sources to address customer needs and knowledge gaps will become an everyday practice.  This environment will be marked by the inclusion of open source and commercially available data as well as the traditional government-sponsored data collections on which NGA has mainly depended.  Combining these new sources with the reliability and accuracy of dedicated sensors will enable our customers to have a greater understanding of the foundational structure of the world, its dynamic interactions, and even anticipate potential impacts. However, unlike the past where we have relied largely on volume-based collection to satisfy needs and gaps, in the future we will focus on maximizing, for the customer, the value of the data we explicitly source and orchestrate.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps