NGA rolls out GEOWorks platform

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency announced on April 23 a new online platform for open collaboration and development of geospatial solutions.

The NGA-developed platform, GEOWorks, enables users to openly collaborate and collectively develop new geospatial tools and capabilities in a data science environment using unclassified geospatial data.

NGA Director Robert Cardillo made the announcement during his keynote at the 2018 GEOINT Symposium in Tampa.

“It is a much easier way to access and work with NGA’s data,” said Cardillo in his GEOINT Symposium keynote. “Now any U.S. company – large or small – or academic institution – or interested individual – can gain access to our data and tools – and build something.”

Andy Spage, GEOWorks project manager, said the platform represents a different way for NGA to do business with industry, non-profits and academia.

“GEOWorks provides access to data in ways that were previously unavailable,” he said. “It is also a means to link users to challenge-type competitions to give them an opportunity to develop data tools and submit them for government agency use.

The website is open to all U.S. persons with a account. It is available at

Source: NGA