NGA releases 2020 tech focus areas

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is highlighting current and enduring technology needs in a guide released April 29.

The publication of the 2020 Technology Focus Areas communicates emerging areas of emphasis for NGA and the geospatial intelligence community to enable stronger collaboration between the agency, industry, academia and other government and community partners.

“This document is focused on our needs, rather than specific technologies,” said Mark Munsell, NGA chief technology officer. “The changes we must make cannot only occur within the confines of NGA – they require the innovative spirit of industry to find new and unique solutions to some of our most difficult challenges.”

NGA’s technology needs are divided into five categories;

– Advanced Analytics and Modeling
– Data Management
– Modern Software Engineering
– Artificial Intelligence
– Future of Work

“The tech focus areas aren’t ‘shelfware’ – we are identifying opportunities to leverage non-traditional acquisition capabilities to address the needs outlined in this document,” said Christy Monaco, NGA chief ventures officer.

The NGA 2020 Technology Focus Areas document is available for download​.

Source: NGA