NGA, partners to gain experiential opportunities via agency initiative

NGAThe National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency recently launched a new initiative to increase its exposure to new and emerging technologies and methodologies through partnerships with industry and academia, the agency announced May 17.

Known as eNGAge, the NGA geospatial exchange encourages the growth of internal knowledge and capabilities by placing NGA employees in temporary positions within industry and academia and bringing counterparts from those worlds into the agency.

These partnerships with traditional and non-traditional partners will provide NGA professionals and external partners with experiential learning that will last from six months to five years. These experiences provide opportunities for the agency to share its geospatial knowledge and related processes associated with the NGA mission while gaining insight into how for-profit organizations and educational institutions do business.

NGA will send employees in the middle management and senior executive levels to locations across the U.S. and will pay the salaries of Team NGA members placed in industry or academia assignments.

While placing NGA employees into these assignments should take about 30 to 60 days, bringing individuals into the agency may take longer because of clearances and other requirements.

Source: NGA