NGA launches public website for Hurricane Matthew response efforts

nga-1The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency launched a new public website October 5 to host unclassified geospatial intelligence data, products and services to assist U.S. Government response efforts for Hurricane Matthew.

The site provides a single location for consolidated tools and situational awareness to assist in understanding the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and provides ready-to-use information and products for emergency responders.

The unclassified website is open to the public and requires no passwords. It brings together information from multiple agencies and organizations, and is located at

As the situation develops, damage and flood assessments will also be available including information about road closures, damaged structures and bridges, landslides, potential locations for helicopter landing zones, and additional information used in response and recovery efforts.

NGA’s Hurricane Matthew portal is the latest public website hosted by NGA. Other live portals include the Combating Wildlife Trafficking and Arctic support sites. The sites use Esri’s ArcGIS online platform hosted by Amazon Web Services, both publicly available services.

Source: NGA