NGA director selects St. Louis city site, signs Record of Decision to construct new facility

NGAThe National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo signed the Record of Decision Thursday, June 2, indicating NGA’s final selection for its west headquarters. The ROD designates the north St. Louis City site, at the corner of north Jefferson and Cass avenues as the Next NGA West location.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement was released by the Army Corps of Engineers April 1, naming St. Louis city site as the agency preferred alternative location. After a one-month, extended comment period, the site in north city at the corner of north Jefferson and Cass avenues, was finalized as the agency’s future location.

“When determining where our next west headquarters would be located, I considered a number of factors, but most importantly, our mission,” said Cardillo. “I appreciate the support and input throughout the process from all the local communities in Missouri and Illinois, all of which I considered in making this decision.”

Identifying the agency preferred alternative and record of decision involved reviewing the final environmental analysis findings by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and an evaluation of each site using mission, security, laws/regulations/Executive Orders, cost and schedule criteria.

“Ultimately this location, near a quickly-growing technological and professional environment, will allow for NGA to integrate capabilities and technologies in support of our mission to provide accurate and relevant geospatial intelligence to our customers.” he said. “I am very confident our new facility in north city will secure the future of this agency for generations to come.”

The NGA site selection process began in 2012 when the agency announced plans to move from its current location at 3200 South 2nd Street and Arsenal Street. A series of planning studies, including an economic analysis, determined it would be less costly, quicker and less disruptive, to build a new facility rather than upgrade current facilities.

Source: NGA