NGA delivers support for Morocco, Libya disasters

At the State Department’s request, NGA U.S. Africa Command began conducting unclassified damage assessments for Morocco Sept. 8. NGA has created shapefiles of the road network in the Atlas mountains, including obstructions, as well as damage assessments and maps of hospital locations. These files and more available to approved users on NGA’s Morocco earthquake PIX portal.

NGA also established a Libya flooding PIX portal, which includes satellite before and after imagery of the Wadi Derna Dam and Derna, Libya, and is approved for use by Libya and first responders.

NGA also provides additional commercial imagery to first responders who need access via the Maxar Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery contract.

U.S. first responders can request access directly from the website, and Moroccan, Libyan and NGO users can request accounts by emailing with their name, organization, email address and a short justification. Once approved, users can view newly collected and historic imagery from a portal and download data for further analysis.

NGA is closely monitoring the situation and is on stand-by to provide additional assistance, if requested by the State Department.

NGA has a decades-long history of providing geospatial intelligence support to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts, including support to international search and rescue efforts for natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Source: NGA

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