NCSC releases video highlighting security for travel abroad

NCSCAs summer travel season gets underway, Americans traveling overseas can take simple steps to secure their privacy. Many of the same measures intelligence officials take to mitigate threats from foreign spies can benefit anyone, not just security clearance holders. A new video from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center highlights tips for travelers, the fourth in a five-part series of videos from its “Know the Risk—Raise Your Shield” campaign. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the video on June 29.

The video raises awareness of threats from foreign governments and entities to travelers, revealing vulnerabilities to personal information while abroad. The video provides details about what it means to be aware while travelling and what steps individuals can take to minimize the risk to themselves and to their personally identifiable information.

“Anyone—not just a government official—is at risk while travelling overseas,” said Bill Evanina, Director of NCSC. “Everyone needs to take common sense measures before traveling, and while abroad, to protect themselves, and their personally identifiable and proprietary information.”

NCSC launched the campaign last September in the wake of the Office of Personnel Management records breach to raise awareness for individuals, government or otherwise, whose personal information has been compromised. The prior three videos focused on spear phishing attacks, social media deception and human targeting. The final video—to be released in the next few months—will focus on social engineering.

As an ODNI Mission Center, NCSC leads the integration of the U.S. government’s counterintelligence and security activities for the purpose of countering foreign intelligence threats to information and assets critical to our nation’s security. NCSC provides counterintelligence outreach to U.S. government and private sector entities, as well as public warnings regarding intelligence threats to the US.

To see the video and for information on the fourth release, please see the following links:

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Source: ODNI