Navy announces LowRIDR industry day

ONROn April 12, the Office of Naval Research posted information about the LowRIDR program industry day (Solicitation Number: N00014-16-R-0012).

The purpose of this notice is to announce the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) intention to hold an Industry Day for the Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Command and Control (EMC²) Innovative Naval Prototype Program’s Low-Band Radio Frequency Intelligent Distribution Resource (LowRIDR) multifunction Advanced Development Models (ADM). The LowRIDR Industry Day will be held 10 May 2016 and commence at 0800 at the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific in San Diego, California.
The objective of this Industry Day is to further inform Industry about the EMC² program in general and LowRIDR in particular.  During Industry Day, ONR will provide an overview of the EMC² program and LowRIDR prototype; present the Navy’s tentative plan for contracting for LowRIDR ADM subsystems; present the latest instantiation of the LowRIDR system Architecture; present an overview of the latest LowRIDR System Requirements and System Specification; and respond to Industry questions in open forum.

It is currently the Government’s intention to contract for the LowRIDR ADM effort under the umbrella of the EMC² IDIQ contracts.  Only those contractors that are awarded EMC² IDIQ contracts will be eligible to respond to future solicitations for LowRIDR task orders efforts.

IDIQ contractors, however, may team with any other contractors that they consider qualified and able to enhance their offering of best value to the Navy. Therefore, the Navy does encourage other industry organizations, including small businesses, to participate in the Industry Day.  As structured, the meeting agenda for 10 May should provide sufficient time for networking between contractors that might desire to initially explore teaming/sub-contractor/supplier arrangements.  A few short time periods have been set aside on 10 May to allow any company to provide the attendees with a non-proprietary briefing that may aid in a teaming arrangement.  Those companies desiring to take advantage of this offer must identify that fact on the pdf registration form and provide a copy of your briefing by 27 April to those individuals identified on the registration form.  The Government will review these briefings for applicability and reserves the right to decide how much time, if any, each company will be given to present.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps