NAVAIR to host industry and idea days

On March 3, the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command announced upcoming industry and follow-on idea days (Solicitation Number: N00019-NA-2017). Responses are due by May 27.

The Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Weapons, PEO(U&W), is planning to conduct an Industry Day and follow-on Idea Days to provide opportunities for industry to learn about the technology needs of PEO(U&W) with the potential for follow-on briefings regarding technologies that industry has developed. This opportunity is open to all companies that have new and innovative ideas to support the future of the Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR) and PEO (U&W) Unmanned Air System (UAS) and Weapon programs.

Industry Days

PEO(U&W) is holding Industry Days 25 – 27 April 2017 in order to share plans for the future of Weapons and Unmanned Aviation. Admiral Darrah will address industry in the morning on Day 1, followed by PMA briefs focused on weapons and UAVs and their technology needs. Day 2 will focus on large and small business teaming, with briefs from the Small Business Office and opportunities to network with both industry and government personnel. Day 3 will be a half day and consist of SECRET/NOFORN briefings on current intelligence reports and classified PEO needs and will be by invitation only. Attendees for Day 3 are required to have a final secret clearance access and will require government sponsorship for need to know.

Idea Days

Idea Days will provide an opportunity for companies to brief the Navy on technologies that may address PEO(U&W) UAS and/or Weapon programs needs as briefed at Industry Day. In order to have an opportunity to participate in Idea Days, please respond to this RFI in accordance with the instructions below on or before 27 May 2017 with a one page summary and a quad chart (sample template to be provided at a later date) for each of the topics that your company would like to brief. Topics that address PEO(U&W) technology needs or that are related to the future of current PEO(U&W) programs may be invited to brief PEO(U&W) and the respective program representatives on topics of interest. Participation in Industry Days is neither mandatory nor is it requisite to submit a response to this RFI or to be considered for an Idea Day brief.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps