National Technical Information Service names Booz Allen Hamilton among initial partners for joint venture program

The U.S. federal government holds large volumes of economic, social and environmental data – a resource that, with analysis, can improve government operations and performance. Yet many federal agencies lack the tools and capabilities to access, analyze and apply data to public sector challenges. To provide organizations with the kind of agile project execution and technical innovation not available through typical contracts, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) selected McLean, VA-based Booz Allen Hamilton as one of 35 initial partners in a new joint venture program to assist federal agencies in ways to collect, connect, access, analyze, and use Federal data and data services, the company announced April 10.

The private companies, non-profit organizations and research performing service organizations in the program will compete for projects to develop solutions to federal data problems in collaboration with NTIS that meet a requesting federal agency’s data needs with greater speed and accuracy than would be possible under existing procurement structures.

“NTIS understands that innovative use of data has the potential to improve government operations, public services and economic performance in the U.S.,” said Young Bang, a Booz Allen senior vice president and leader in Data Solutions and Machine Intelligence within the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group. “The new joint venture partnerships allow federal agencies to connect more quickly with leading experts who can solve complex interoperability and security issues, assist in adopting emerging technology, lead agile development efforts and create custom data solutions.”

As a member of the NTIS joint venture partners, Booz Allen may be engaged in several of the federal government’s priority areas for data innovation, including big data, open data, open access, smart cities, internet-of-things and cyber-physical systems. In addition to developing new ways to use data and data services, the firm’s work may focus on providing federal agencies with improved methods for data sharing; innovative approaches to analyzing and interpreting data; and technologies, techniques and processes that can lead to deep understanding from and new insights into data. These projects will build on Booz Allen’s existing work in driving innovation in fields ranging from digital solutions to predictive intelligence.

In the partnership with NTIS and federal agencies, Booz Allen will draw from its extensive experience in data science and analytics. The firm’s team of more than 600 data scientists, analysts and domain experts offers clients a broad range of capabilities, including data strategy, management, governance and technology, as well as the analytics and domain competencies to turn collected data into actionable insights. In addition, Booz Allen will bring in exclusive and committed partnerships with startups, small and mid-size businesses, academic institutions and larger industry partners to guarantee that federal agencies with data innovation needs receive the best possible support.

Source: Booz Allen