MTSI wins DoD Strategic Capabilities Office contract

MTSI 112The Department of Defense has awarded a $22 million firm-fixed-price contract to provide technical engineering support services in support of the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) to Alexandria, VA-based , Inc. (MTSI), the company announced April 6. SCO was established to rapidly develop capabilities to counter near-peer adversaries and improve the U.S. posture in engaging future threats.

“I created the SCO in 2012 when I was deputy secretary of defense to help us to re-imagine existing DOD and intelligence community and commercial systems by giving them new roles and game-changing capabilities to confound potential enemies — the emphasis here was on rapidity of fielding, not 10 and 15-year programs,” said Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in remarks about the FY2017 Defense Budget on February 2. “Thinking differently in this way – as is well known in U.S. defense history – put us in space, our country on the moon, computers in the pockets, information at the fingertips — all of that. Taking airplanes off of the decks of ships, nuclear submarines beneath the seas, satellite networks that take pictures of the world — all of those things. This kind of bold and innovative thinking can’t be lost to history.”

“MTSI’s support to SCO is a key example of the specialized technical work we do to help the government address emerging security threats to the nation,” said Kevin Robinson, MTSI’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “We are proud to have been involved in the formation of SCO, honored to have been selected to continue this effort.”

Per the Department of Defense website, work performance will take place in Arlington, Virginia, with an expected completion date of February 24, 2021.

Source: Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI)