MTSI and Guardtime unveil protection against insider threats

Guardtime MTSI announced on January 6 GuardView Videri, the Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) appliance component for next-generation enterprise integrity protection and real-time threat detection, contextual threat intelligence, and rapid incident response.

GuardView Videri offers DoD, Intelligence Community (IC) and commercial customers a “defense-grade” turn-key solution to access the rich integrity service potentials of Guardtime KSI, providing immutable proof of the reliability of their digital assets, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection, reaction, insider threat eradication, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

GuardView Videri is Guardtime’s latest addition to the GuardView family of DoD and IC solutions and an integral component to enable trusted network and security operations centers.

The appliance has been specified in close coordination with Guardtime’s federal, defense and intelligence customers and accreditors, and is built on supply-chain specified qualified hardware, backed by expert analysis of current DoD/IC best practices and NIST requirements to operate in the most secure and mission critical operating environments.

All software and hardware components for GuardView Videri are directly traceable to currently-approved DoD/IC data center and SOC standards, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) guidelines, including all applicable DISA-recommended configurations

GuardView Videri represents an important infrastructure component of Guardtime’s National Security Information Assurance and Software Assurance Roadmap, to address the pressing digital asset integrity and reliability needs of the Mission Assurance and Special Programs Communities across the DoD and IC — providing contextual threat intelligence for insider threat detection and response, end-point integrity (M2M), mobility and hardware/software supply chains.

Jim Blom, president of Guardtime USA, said, “The GuardView Videri appliance represents a significant step forward in the practical implementation of KSI to meet the compliance requirements necessary to operate cloud services on DoD and IC networks. We also believe Videri fits a demand from other commercial service providers for turn-key KSI solutions configured and tested against demanding DoD standards. GuardView Videri offers these markets a way ahead for seamless and scalable integrity and mutual auditability across very large enterprises.”

Kevin Robinson, president and CEO of MTSI added, “As KSI is adopted across the DoD and IC, MTSI and Guardtime recognize the growing demand for rapidly-deployable KSI solutions that will integrate cleanly into existing enterprises. GuardView Videri extends our partnership with Guardtime USA to meet this demand with turn-key ‘defense grade’ solutions — MTSI’s strength. As we collaborate on future releases of GuardView Videri, we anticipate that many federal customers will find that appliance upgrades represent a minimum-risk and cost-effective approach to staying current with the latest KSI solutions.”