Mobius Logic secures AFWERX STTR contract

On February 13, Tysons, VA-based Mobius Logic, Inc. announced it has been selected by AFWERX for a STTR Phase I contract with the Institute of Applied Engineering at the University of South Florida (IAE) focused on cyber-securing large language models (LLMs) to address the most pressing challenges in the Department of the Air Force (DAF).

The Air Force Research Laboratory and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) process by accelerating the small business experience through faster proposal to award timelines, changing the pool of potential applicants by expanding opportunities to small business and eliminating bureaucratic overhead by continually implementing process improvement changes in contract execution. The DAF began offering the Open Topic SBIR/STTR program in 2018 which expanded the range of innovations the DAF funded and on December 15th, Mobius Logic and IAE began their journey to create and provide innovative capabilities that will strengthen the national defense of the United States of America.

Christian Manasseh, CEO of Mobius Logic, explained, “Although LLMs have much to offer in terms of increased efficiency in the workplace, they are susceptible to new forms of cyber security risks. We offer a novel approach– using reinforcement learning (RL) AI that can detect and mitigate threats specific to LLMs. As a result, we can bolster the security of LLMs and ensure that the planned cyber security tool will be adaptive in the face of evolving threats.”

Taylor Johnston, COO of USF IAE, stated, “The use of LLMs has exploded in the past few years and the DoD is starting to establish tactics, techniques, and procedures around their use within government networks.  We see a need to validate that these tools are safe and secure to ensure the continued operations of our DoD partners.”

Source: Mobius Logic

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