Mercyhurst and NCI form AI partnership

Mercyhurst University has forged an academic partnership with NCI Information Systems, Inc. (NCI), to support the Reston, VA-based systems innovator in conveying the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the federal government. Students are working with NCI’s chief technology organization in developing and training enterprise brain and animated persona capabilities.

Four students of the university’s Department of Computing and Information Science within the university’s Ridge College of Intelligence Studies & Applied Sciences, have been selected to work with NCI on a customized AI database, an innovation designed to transform the way federal agencies do business while creating efficiencies and reducing operational costs. They will be supervised by­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Dr. Oluwatosin Ogundare, assistant professor of data science and machine learning.

“We’re excited to work with Mercyhurst University to further augment the NCI Empower AI platform. The strength of our teams, collaborating together, promises to yield exciting new possibilities for the infusion of machine learning and data analytics capabilities into our arsenal of operational AI tools and technologies,” said NCI President and CEO Paul Dillahay. “As the public sector starts to embrace next-generation, innovative AI solutions, NCI stands ready to help our federal government customers bring these proven innovations to bear.”

Mercyhurst Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Leanne Roberts welcomed the partnership also for the experience it affords Mercyhurst students in this highly innovative arena. “Collaboration between industry and academia is a critical component of enhancing innovation through knowledge exchange, and we are proud to join NCI in this mutually beneficial enterprise,” she said.

The partnership is an outgrowth of the university’s Center for Intelligence Research Analysis and Training (CIRAT), headed by Brian Fuller, who coordinates CIRAT projects with businesses, institutions, and government agencies. Over the years, hundreds of students from the Ridge College of Intelligence and Applied Sciences have gained valuable experience, established professional networks, and earned wages on projects.

“Having this kind of academic partnership with NCI provides our students with real-world experience, makes them more competitive in the job market, and can help to open employment streams after graduation,” Fuller said.

Source: NCI