Mercury Systems receives $3.8M microelectronics order for homeland security application

Mercury Systems, Inc. of Andover, MA announced on May 8 that it received a $3.8 million order from a leading electronics manufacturing services provider for millimeter wave transceiver subsystems integrated into a homeland security high-resolution imaging system. The order was booked in the company’s fiscal 2018 third quarter and is expected to be shipped over the next several quarters.

As a recognized leader in millimeter wave technology, Mercury has successfully commercialized its portfolio of radio frequency (RF) and microwave solutions for homeland security and defense applications, the company said. All of the company’s RF and microwave innovations, spanning a frequency range of 1 MHz to 140 GHz, are designed and manufactured in its scalable Advanced Microelectronics Centers located throughout the United States.

“The adoption of Mercury’s state-of-the-art millimeter wave technology for this homeland security application exemplifies the success of our next-generation business model to deliver high-performance microelectronics without sacrificing security or affordability,” said Neal Austin, vice president of business development for Mercury’s Advanced Microelectronic Solutions group. “We are honored to support government agencies and defense prime contractors with commercial innovations to rapidly identify concealed threats in densely populated secure environments.”

Source: Mercury Systems