Mercury Systems debuts new microelectronics packaging technology for defense applications

Mercury Systems, Inc. of Andover, MA announced on March 29 BuiltSECURE System-in-Package (SiP), a new microelectronics packaging technology designed for high-performance, SWaP-constrained defense embedded computing systems. Combining the company’s deep domain expertise in systems security engineering and three-dimensional microelectronics packaging, this innovation is ideal for platform management systems, mission management systems and command, control and intelligence applications.

“Our BuiltSECURE SiP solutions are capable of providing the same security of long-lead application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) at a fraction of the typical cost and schedule,” said Scott Orton, vice president and general manager of Mercury’s Trusted Mission Solutions group. “This is exactly what our customers are asking for in secure processing solutions.”

Mercury’s new BuiltSECURE SiP technology addresses the most complex, multi-faceted challenges for the defense industry today with a single, highly ruggedized ball grid array (BGA) package.

“The pace of evolution in the modern threat environment demands a paradigm shift in microelectronics design and packaging technologies,” said Charlie Leader, senior vice president and general manager of Mercury’s Advanced Microelectronics Solutions group. “Our valued customers now have access to a trusted supply of highly integrated processing modules without sacrificing security, performance, SWaP or affordability. We are honored to support our warfighters around the globe with agile, best-of-breed microelectronics technology powered by our next-generation business model.”

Source: Mercury Systems