Mercury Systems acquires Richland Technologies

Mercury Systems, Inc. of Andover, MA announced on July 5 that it has acquired Richland Technologies, LLC (RTL). Based in Duluth, GA, RTL specializes in safety-critical and high integrity systems, software, and hardware development as well as safety-certification services for mission-critical applications. In addition, the company is a leader in safety-certifiable embedded graphics software for commercial and military aerospace applications.

The acquisition complements Mercury’s acquisition of Creative Electronic Systems (CES) last November by providing additional capabilities in safety-critical markets as well as the opportunity to leverage RTL’s U.S. presence and expertise. Together, the RTL and CES acquisitions position Mercury uniquely as a leading provider of secure and safety-critical processing subsystems for aerospace and defense customers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition is not expected to have a material impact on Mercury’s financial results for the first quarter or full fiscal year 2018. Mercury intends to maintain RTL’s presence in Duluth, GA.

“We are very pleased to welcome RTL to the Mercury family,” said Mark Aslett, Mercury’s president and chief executive officer. “Mercury gained a very strong footprint in safety-critical avionics with the acquisition of CES, based in Geneva, Switzerland, which we have renamed and is now operating as Mercury Mission Systems International (MMSI) as part of our Sensor and Mission Processing product line. The combination of RTL with MMS gives us a strong U.S. presence in the safety-critical avionics market, adding significant systems engineering, safety-critical software and hardware development and certification expertise to our existing mission computing portfolio. These new capabilities will enhance Mercury’s market penetration in commercial aerospace, defense platform management, C4I and mission computing – markets that are very closely aligned with Mercury’s existing market focus.”

Source: Mercury Systems